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Berkeley Plaza

Martinsburg, WV  

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Foot Reflexology Massaging of just the feet and calves - 1 hour-$65.00 1/2 hour-$40.00

Foot Paradise

Start with a refreshing footbath and scrub, followed by a massage to rejuvenate your body and mind.  End with a cool mask to rehydrate and comfort tired feet.$65

With Express Pedicure  $85

Swedish Massage

This classic European technique is the most common in massage therapy. Using long flowing strokes to knead muscles, stress vanishes and is replaced with relaxation and calm.  This firm, but gentle, full-body massage improves circulation that relieves muscle tension, and creates a heightened sense of well-being and relaxation. 1 1/2 hour -- $90    1 hour -- $65

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage works best for individuals who want to work on specific muscle groups.  It reaches deep into the muscle tissues, both along and across the muscle fiber with slow, deep movements. This massage is used to release muscle tension, reduce scar tissue, and increase range of motion. 1 1/2 hour -- $100   1 hour -- $75

Stone Therapy Massage

An ancient Native American treatment that uses heated smooth river rocks to dissolve muscle tension and give an overall sense of relaxation and warmth. The stones are applied to the body using the traditional Swedish massage movements to improve circulation and alleviate stress and pain. 1 1/2 hour -- $100     1 hour -- $80

Seated Massage

For a quick stress reliever try our seated massage.  $1 a minute (10 minute minimum, 20 minute maximum)

Pre/Post Natal Massage

This massage is designed to be safe and appropriate during pregnancy.  It helps relieves many of the normal discomforts during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff necks, and leg cramps. There’s no better way to care for yourself at this special time in your life. It would be advisable to consult your Dr. before making appointment!  1 hour-- $65     1/2 hour-- $40